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What makes people read your work book after book? Reader loyalty, which leads to word-of-mouth marketing. As a writer, you want to capture the attention of your readers and compel them to read your books every time you release a new one. Their commitment is based on how satisfied they are with your work. Did you meet or exceed their expectations? Did you endear yourself to them? How do you do that? Let me help.

My editing and critiquing will go beyond standard edits (though those are included!) to getting into your readers’ heads. Let’s work together to unravel the mystery of reader psychology. It’s all about the reader!

I’ve served as an acquisitions editor for a Christian publisher and seen lots of fiction submissions. I am a thorough, detail-oriented person, and I bring that to my editing. I have a deep understanding of story as I’ve read, written, and studied the craft of writing for over two decades. My editing and critiquing services (see below) will offer you insight into where your project’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Also, obtaining a critique allows you to go back and edit the manuscript with new insights and strategies.

Or, maybe you’re in one of those writerly moments when you need a quick question answered. I’ve added a new service for you! (see below)

Read on for testimonials from authors, writers, and publishers I’ve helped, service information, and rates.


Have you submitted your writing to editors or agents and received rejections? Perhaps you’re unsure why. (Not all editors will give a reason for rejections.) As an acquisitions editor, I’ve seen plenty of submissions. Let me help you. I’ll review your first twenty pages and one-page synopsis and tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are, while also providing line edits to demonstrate my in-depth analysis. This service is particularly helpful if you’ve ever received rejections without explanations; and/or you know something is missing, but need some outside objectivity; or you’re gearing up to submit your proposal to an agent, editor, or contest.

Copy editing, proofreading, or substantive editing, including grammar, spelling, and standard formatting (typesetting not included). For substantive edit, I will analyze your manuscript’s content, helping with logic and flow. If fiction, I’ll offer appropriate suggestions regarding pacing, characterization, genre elements, etc. I prefer to work with electronic copies, but will consider hard copy manuscripts. (Client pays printing/mailing costs if this method is preferred.)

Quick Help
Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re writing away and need a quick answer regarding grammar, or flow, or writing rules? Perhaps you have to write to Chicago Manual of Style specifications, but you don’t own a copy. Wouldn’t it be great to go to a trusted editor, pay a small fee, and have your question answered? Let me help. I’ll also look at half-pages or full pages, for a larger fee.


Annette Irby’s editing is spot on! After thirty-four books, I’ve had numerous editors throughout the process and have a feel for those who go the extra mile to make a manuscript sparkle. Annette is one of these editors. Her attention to detail allows an author a measure of relief that indeed, every “t” will be crossed, every “i” will be dotted. Not only that, but she’s easy to work with and respectful of the author’s hard work and voice. If I could, I’d request Annette for every project I work on because I know it will be done right. I highly recommend Annette and her fabulous editing. ~ Susan May Warren, award-winning author of Heiress.
Annette has provided a valuable service to Summerside Press as a critical reader for several of the books in the Love Finds You™ series. She is a perceptive and careful reader, and she has offered several shrewd insights. With meticulous editing skills and a strong sense of what makes a story work, Annette has my recommendation! ~Rachel Meisel, Senior Fiction Editor, Summerside Press
I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Annette Irby. She has a keen sense of story and pointed out weak areas in my story that I’d missed. I’m looking forward to working with her again! ~ Tricia Goyer, author of twenty books, including co-author of Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington
Annette Irby’s sharp eye for detail and mentoring-style encouragement definitely spurred me to reach for a deeper level of excellence. I found her advice invaluable not just for the project she worked on, but also for my overall growth as a writer. ~ Ocieanna Fleiss, co-author of Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington
Annette Irby was a pleasure to work with. She combed through my manuscript with a keen eye for detail, found grammar mistakes, helped with consistency, and tightened the manuscript in a way that made the story flow. AMI Editing was an essential step toward publication. I highly recommend Annette’s work. ~ Christy Hayes, contributing author of The Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes, A Father-Son Memoir by Chris A. Norton and Terry D. Norton
I was very blessed to have had the experience to work with [Annette Irby], and I’m very grateful for the time she put in on my manuscript. I learned so much from her comments. What I liked best about her review was the professionalism. She didn’t take over the writer’s text, but provided sound recommendations for revision. I particularly valued her suggestions on deepening the presentation of my characters.~ Peggy Hembree
I recently had the experience of working with Annette Irby. She made herself available at the last minute to completely edit my book in a very short amount of time. The attention she gave me personally as well as my book was nothing short of amazing. Annette has a way of bringing out the best in the writer. She is able to ask questions to stimulate all the right thought processes. Her comments are helpful and constructive. Her knowledge of the English language and the art of writing is extensive. I highly recommend her editing services. ~Maria Rippo, author, The Green Smoothie Challenge Companion

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Rates and Purchase Options

You have two options for payment: 1) you may begin by contacting me via e-mail, and I can invoice you via PayPal or e-mail; or 2) you may choose the PayPal “Buy Now” button on this page and choose the service you’d like to use. Please follow up with an e-mail and your Quick Help Question and/or project information.

Critiquing Rates:

For a fee of $100, I’ll evaluate the first twenty pages of your manuscript, including line edits and analysis of what’s working and what’s not working with your story. I’ll offer suggestions to help raise your writing to the next level.

Editing Rates:

All rates require correctly formatted pages: double spaced, one-inch margins on each side, Times New Roman 12-point font.

$7.00 / page general rate

$9.50 / page rush-job rate

Sample edits are available with a $100 deposit. I’ll spend an hour with the project and make line edits, offer tips, and give input regarding grammar, story structure, characterization, etc. If you decide to move ahead with an edit of the full manuscript, the remainder of the deposit (minus an hourly fee) will be deducted from the total.

Quick Help:

For a fee of $5.00, I offer answers to quick grammar questions, or help wording a sentence.

Payment is due in advance and can be made via check or PayPal.

Purchase Now:

Editing Options

About the Editor

Award-winning author Annette M. Irby has been writing fiction and non-fiction for well over twenty years. She has critiqued or edited for Susan May Warren, Tricia Goyer, Summerside Press, Guideposts, and others. She worked for several years in acquisitions. Her novels, novellas, and short stories are available on Amazon. Her story was first in Chicken Soup Celebrates Mothers and Daughters (2007). A member of ACFW, she is an active book reviewer. See her author website here. She enjoys working with clients. Remaining current with the CBA marketplace, she specializes in Christian fiction.

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