Annette’s Blogs

I started blogging in 2007 and had so much fun I launched several sites.

Let me describe them to you:

Net's Book NotesNet’s Book Notes: This is my book review and book news blog where support fellow Christian authors and share my own book news. Currently, this is my most active blog.

Seriously Write: I founded this blog for writers in June 2009 and it was active every weekday, minus some holidays, until December of 2020, thanks to an amazing team of fellow hostesses. The Search Box will help you find articles by many, many Christian authors and myriad topics related to writing craft. Are you a writer looking for encouragement?

Net’s Notes: This is my devotional blog where I share helpful articles about Christian living. I haven’t updated this one in a while as it was most active during my pastoring season. Still, it’s live and you can find articles on many topics, including mention of my book releases at times.

Net’s Bridal Notes: Another devotional blog, but this one includes articles on knowing Jesus intimately as the Bride of Christ. I also link to music that inspires me.